Do appraisers look at landscaping?

Appraisers not only evaluate the interior of your home, but they also consider desirable exterior features, such as garages, sheds, porches and terraces. The appraiser will also take note of the landscape because it is the first thing buyers see when they arrive at your home. Frank Lucco said that landscaping represents 85 percent of what first-time buyers see when they look at a home. When valuing a home, the appraiser must analyze the landscape of the property in question compared to other properties in the area.

Major components (expensive items, such as a new roof or air conditioning system) also carry weight, especially in older homes. While it is very difficult to change the outcome of an evaluation, there are ways to help the process run smoothly and increase the chances of obtaining a better evaluation report. The appraiser will consider the property's curb appeal, so spend time landscaping and the overall exterior of the house. If repairs are needed in the house, such as fixing a faulty door or a broken carpet, it is best to do these repairs in preparation for the evaluation.

If you have made significant improvements and improvements to the home, provide a list of all the improvements for the appraiser to review.