Does having a deck increase home value?

Value Report from Remodeling magazine, an addition to a terrace is one of the 10 best home improvements. In terms of pure home resale value, wood decking offers the best return on your investment. The more affordable material translates into a more affordable decking project and, at the same time, increases the resale value of your home to a similar amount compared to a composite deck. There are several main reasons why people find decks attractive.

First, they give the owner another exit point from the house to the patio, which tends to add value. A terrace also increases the useful space of a house, but it only costs about half of what it would cost to build a new room in the house. Beyond that, decks are popular meeting places. They offer guests more open space to gather, rather than forcing them to float around in the kitchen or living room, and families can make the most of their terrace when the weather is nice.

So does a terrace add value to a home? Building a terrace is a practical, reliable and cost-effective way to increase the value of your home. Research shows that a homeowner can recover more than 75% of the return on investment (ROI) by adding a terrace to their home. Building a deck allows you to add outdoor living space to your home. A screened porch is more expensive to build compared to other types of decking.

Because of its high installation speed, it won't increase the value of your home. Its recovery is not sufficient to return the cost of its installation. But, if your house has an old screened porch, renovating and maintaining its appearance will definitely increase its value over time.