What adds more value to a house a deck or patio?

Both a terrace and patio offer impressive resale value. However, patios tend to be less expensive to install and their resale value is 100%, slightly higher than 76% of the resale value of a terrace. Generally speaking, a terrace will add more value to your home than a patio. Roofs average between 65 and 85% ROI (return on investment), while patios average between.

However, there are a lot of different factors that determine the value of the deck and patio, including materials, size, maintenance, style and features. In addition, the final value of any home improvement project will be determined in part by the real estate market and the area in which you live. You may already have a patio or deck in your garden, but how you actually install them can be important to homebuyers and increase the value of your home. Both terraces and patios add value to your home, but terraces have a better return on investment or ROI.

With patios, you get back up to 50% of your investment when you sell your house, but with a terrace, you'll recover up to 70% of its value. Therefore, if you are upgrading your home with a view to selling it, a patio is the best option.