What is Softscape and How Does it Complement Hard Landscaping?

Softscape is the living, horticultural elements of landscape design. It includes plants, soil, shrubs, trees, flowers, vegetables, vines, grass and color combinations. Softscape is different from hard landscaping since it doesn't have that permanent or long-term quality. It is the lively and vibrant part of a landscape. Softscape elements are complemented by hard landscape elements such as wooden pergolas, stone walls, tiled patios and brick walkways.

Once the gardening elements are installed, soft landscaping is used to complete the landscape design. In a nutshell, softscape refers to all the living elements of a landscape: trees, flowers, grass, shrubs and other plants. It also encompasses other aspects such as weed management, the use of mulch and other tasks such as cutting, trimming, sorting and planting.