The 10 Happiest and Most Satisfying Jobs

Are you looking for a career that will make you happy? It's no secret that some jobs are more satisfying than others. Engineers, teachers, and nurses are among the happiest and most fulfilling professions, according to an analysis by The Guardian. But what other jobs make the list? We analyzed several career paths using criteria such as job satisfaction, job meaning qualifications, job prospects, work-life balance, and wage competitiveness to come up with the following list of the 10 happiest and most satisfying jobs. At the top of the list is engineering. Engineers have the happiest job in the world, according to The Guardian's analysis.

This is likely due to the fact that engineers are able to use their skills to solve complex problems and create innovative solutions. Plus, engineering jobs tend to be well-paid and offer great job security. Teachers and nurses come in second and third place respectively. Teaching is a rewarding profession that allows you to make a difference in the lives of children. Nurses provide essential care to patients and often have flexible schedules that allow them to balance their work and personal lives. Professions that top a list usually end up at the bottom of other rankings.

But Brooks insists that the problem isn't really the design of the surveys. It's the fundamental nature of what makes a job happy. According to a survey, one of the most important jobs is being a clergyman. For some, being a clergyman is a calling and it makes them happy to know that they are strengthening people's faith and helping them spiritually. The happiest job in the United States is a simple teaching assistant.

The pay for this rewarding job isn't that high (on average), but it's very rewarding because you can work with children and watch them progress. When looking for a satisfying career, keep in mind that the key predictors of happiness at work are company culture, your colleagues, and the potential to move up within the company.