What is Hardscaping? A Comprehensive Guide

Hardscaping is the term used to describe any man-made features used in landscape architecture, such as paths, walls, and other structures. These elements are usually made of concrete, rocks, bricks, cobblestones, stone, wood, and other materials. Hardscaping also includes artificial structures like decks, pergolas, and patio covers. When designing an outdoor space, it's important to minimize the hardscape project and maximize the look of the garden.

The hardscape should be subordinated to the landscape. Landscaping is a form of landscaping that includes building retaining walls, adding foundations, and planting trees. Softscaping is the opposite of hardscaping and includes any type of living elements in your landscape design. This includes any type of plant or vegetation.

Softscaping is usually easier to identify than hardscaping because it is natural and alive. If you're a beginner in landscaping and want to learn how to be a hardscape designer, here are some projects that can help you achieve a beautiful patio:

When tackling a hardscape project alone or with a team, it's important to start with land preparation. If you hire a contractor, decide together which one would be the best for your project. It's also important to remember that hardscaping projects require expert hands.

If you're a beginner, you might want to reduce things a bit and gain some experience before tackling one of these projects. When you finish your garden project, don't forget that softscaping projects require maintenance to stay up and running while hardscaping projects don't.