What Equipment is Needed for Hardscaping?

Personal protective equipment is essential for hardscaping. Steel-toed boots, safety goggles, hearing protection, dust masks, and work gloves are all necessary to protect yourself from the heavy and hard materials used in this type of landscaping. Steel-toed boots are especially important as they will provide protection and comfort while also lasting for multiple seasons. Safety glasses are a must when cutting or chiselling as pieces of concrete can fly up and hit you in the face.

Hearing protection is also necessary as the noise from cutting concrete can be very loud and penetrating. Dust masks should be worn to protect your lungs from the concrete dust that is created when cutting. Skid steer loaders are ideal for maneuvering in smaller spaces and provide the power needed to operate the necessary accessories. Plate compactors are considered indispensable when it comes to creating a properly compacted base and are ideal for all phases of the installation process.

Mini-excavators can use buckets for excavation and hammer attachments to break concrete or hard soil when performing dirt work. It is important to buy the right size equipment the first time rather than using something that doesn't have enough power and reduces efficiency. Basic tools such as rope or hand levels, shovels, and mallets are essential for garden jobs, but more demanding jobs may require additional equipment to improve efficiency and site preparation.